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Name: Gajdos Tamás
Birth: 1988.05.05. 10h40m
Subject: Physics Bsc with Pysicist and Informatics-Physicist orientation
Semester: 5th
Spoken Languages: Hungarian, English, Serbian, German
email: gajdos.tamas(kukac/ad)

   2009.06     Morgan Stanley
                    Participating in the Summer Internship Programme
                    -> SQL, PowerShell, Asp.NET, Perl
                    -> working in remote teams, presentation skills

   2008.08      S&T Belgrade
                    A week training
                    -> basic networking, company managemant
                    -> everyday life/work in a big organisation

   2008.07      9th Youth Games, Zenta
                    szeSZTÉesz team leader
                    -> team building, member motivating
                    -> making team alliances to achieve a common goal
                    -> optimal work sharing between team members

   2007 - xxxx University of Szeged (SzTE)
                    Bachelor of Science in Physics
                    -> main branch: physics, mathematics, informatics
                    -> teamwork during a research or lab experiment
                    -> "student life" organising
                    -> 2008.11 member of Mafihe SzHB presidency
                            -> reorganising, building a stable foundation
                    -> 2008.12 deputy in Physics Department Council
                    -> 2009.09 president of ProPhysica Student Foundation
                    -> 2009.10 president of Mafihe SzHB

   2003 - 2007 SzTE Ságvári Endre High School, Szeged
                    biology - phisics - chemistry class
                    -> participation in camps about physics, chemistry
                    and informatics
                    -> class deputy in the school committee
                    -> class-trip arrangement for 20 person

    - Elementary school was spent in Serbia.
my life as a student
My life as a physicist freshman started at 2007. In the first year I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking and seeing things. We learned the fundaments of physics through mechanincs, thermodinamics and optics. To start this successful path we have learned also linear algebra, function analysis and several other mathematical methods for physicists. My first year at the university was mostly about finding a solid ground. 

In the summer I became the the founder and leader of the szeSZTÉesz team. We applied for the 9th Youth Games in Zenta. My seven other teammates were also from the university but from different departments. 63 other teams enterd for the competition. We were tested in ground and water sports, literal education, theatrical arts and on-task problem solving. In the end we became the eight and we made very good friendships with other teams.

Later this summer I applied for a week course in S&T Belgrade. In this intensive period I learned the basics about networking. I was thrown into the company, so this way I studied their methods and relations to each other.

As a sophomore I became a freshman leader in the freshers camp after a successful registration. The Bantu team contained 6 other volunteers and nearly 70 young members. The directorate's tasks were simple but also hard: forge a winning team and introduce them to the unversity life. Here I have learned how to maintain order and how to hold a larger team together.

In the second year, as I went into deeper physics and higher mathematics, I also started to study informatics. I used very much my pre-university linux experiance very much, because we used shell scripst and C under this operating system mostly.
We also started to go to labs. During a task we worked in pairs and after it we documented the experiances and the theroy which we used. We learned also the importance and weight of the word deadline. My main subjects were Electromagnetism, Quantumphysics, Microscopy, Biophysics and Nuclear physics. I also learned about Numerical Methods in Physics.

In 2008 november I became a member of the Hungarian Association of Physics Students (Mafihe). I was also granted a membership in the local committee presidency and I was sent as a deputy in Physics Department Council.

I spent the summer in Budapest as an intern. My Summer Internship at Morgan Stanley started on 2009.06.29. I was on a joint venture with an other intern at London Office. We automated Blue Screen of Death analysis on Windows Servers and searched for tendig patterns. During my ten weeks of work I learned Perl, SQL, PowerShell and ASP.NET. I worked with teams from Budapest, London, New York, Asia. In the charity commitee I also painted the Steriliser House at the Heim Pal Childrens' Hospital. I also became a member of the Balaton Swim Team, B.E.A.S.T.

As my life as an Intern ended at 09.05. I returned to the Physics department to continue my studies. I became the president of the local physics comitee and the ProPhysica Students Foundation. My main subjects are Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Digital Networking and Microcontrollers.

personal intrests
My favorit amusement is reading. I prefer science fiction books, mostly from Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov and S.Lem.
I have attended a dancing class three times a week with my partner since 2008.09. Here we have been learning cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, jive, tango and waltz. On our first competiton we came in fifth in the category of adult advanced latin. I look at this activity as the counterpoint of physics, which helps me forget the functions and vectors. In the dorm I usually play basketball, football and volley. Every week I go swimming to the local pool.
I feel myself home in the kitchen, too. My meals are usually self made and tasty.