Curriculum Vitae

Let me get this straight.

Frank was previously known as G. Miller, a filthy child born from his mother's asshole.
He was previous part of The Tempura Boys, but all of that changed when he discovered Chin-Chin and the Local Azerbaijani Radio.,
whereas he was transformed into an acne-ridden, bad-tempered Asian. He became a worshiper of the man who took away his life for unknown reasons.
Frank lives his life as his days go by, ignoring all the insane bullshit that happens around him.
He is the main character of the videos on the DizastaMusic channel and appears in most of the media published on the channel.
He is arguably the filthiest man on YouTube. It's not known if there exists a filthier man on the planet at all,
but it's hard to imagine anyone filthier than Frank himself. He is rarely seen without his famous blue and white striped T-Shirt.
It is possible that Frank is racist, as he does not "like people's skin darker than mine, and people who pray to shrines.
'Cause they're dirty, they walk around barefoot, and they have no vaccine's." (FF and the Crew)
Frank's current residence is the Nairobi Desert. He is also able to teleport to other Realms in his universe,
as well as ours, via his closet. But, when he exits the closet, he shows surprise or uncertainty, so the teleportation system may be random.

Written by Csaba Szamos.
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